Fundraising Survey - SLYB + HundredX

UpdatedMonday May 9, 2022 byDave Schmitt.

We are excited to announce that South Lexington Youth Baseball has been chosen to take part in an exciting fundraising opportunity that requires our family and friends to help raise money for improvements to our park without spending or donating any money!

Hundred X Cause is a research survey company that partners with non-profits such as our league to help raise money by collecting opinions on everyday products used by our baseball community.  The information from the surveys is used by companies to help them more effectively market their products; by completing the survey your personal information IS NOT shared and no solicitation from companies will result from your participation.  

****Each survey completed will result in direct funds coming back to SLYB; all surveys must be done using an email for someone 18 and older and please make sure to complete the survey and do not skip anything as we will not be credited with incomplete attempts.  Each survey helps generate money for the league and a max of 75 opinions can be given for each email ....please complete as many as possible  (UP to 75 for $150) but a minimum time period of 2-3 minutes is needed to register any credit.  ****


Our window is open until June complete as many opinions as you can and spread the work to as many people as you can. 

 Funds raised will be going to facility upgrades that will set our park apart from any in the area and allow the best equipment and fields to all of our athletes for years to come!!