Important Update from Cal Ripken

Updated Tuesday January 30, 2018 by Matt Williams.

To SLYB Families,

This past weekend we were notified by letter of a change related to boundaries for Cal Ripken leagues in Fayette County. 


The letter, in full, is copied below:

 To: District 4 League Presidents

From; Steve Bentley, East Ky. State Commissioner                                               

Date: 1/28/2018

Re: District Boundaries & Players

As you all know we have had issues for many years with the boundary line and losing players to other organizations. We have met a couple of time to discuss how to fix and improve this concern.

This week I have spoken to several people at National Headquarters about a plan to address these issues. I want to make sure the decision that has been made will benefit all players wanting to play in our Cal Ripken & Babe Ruth programs. 

*** This ruling is NOT to be used as a recruiting tool to pull players from our Leagues (if a parent is leaving that league, it's their choice to do so) but to find a home for those players not playing in our programs.

Rule: Starts 2018 season (now) (Transfer Rule)

All (age 9-12) & (13-16) leagues will have open boundaries inside Fayette Co.

1) If a player signs up to play at Park A plays one year then next year wants to move to Park B then he/she MUST sit out his following All Star year with Park B.

2) All Players will be All Star eligible, unless they are sitting out a transfer year.

Steve Bentley
East Ky. State Commissioner


***We reached out to Commissioner Bentley in an effort to receive some clarification. Our understanding is as follows to frequently asked questions:

1. Any player 9-12 who has been at SL and lives or goes to school in Fayette County is eligible for all postseason teams included sanctioned Cal Ripken tournaments (ie…red teams).

 2. Any player who hasn’t played majors/minors in a Cal Ripken league can join any of the three leagues (SL, SE, NCR) and be eligible for postseason teams, including sanctioned Cal Ripken tournaments (ie…red teams). **This means all incoming 9 year olds, regardless of their previous league, are eligible for sanctioned all-star tournaments. Players who have been in Little League, Pony, travel ball, etc. can join a Cal Ripken League of their choice and are eligible immediately for sanctioned events as well.

 3. Any player who moves leagues and has already played in majors/minors in a Cal Ripken League, regardless where they live, must sit out sanctioned Cal Ripken tournaments (ie…red teams at slyb) for 1 year. This is known as the “transition year.” After that year they are eligible again. Players can still play select baseball in the summer. 

 4. The “grandfather” rule is still in place for players living in our old boundary in Jessamine County. The school rule still applies as well.

Hopefully the letter and clarifications have answered most questions. If not, please contact our VP of Communications Matt Williams or SLYB at

Kind regards,
Mr. Kevin Payne- SLYB President