MLB Pitch, Hit, & Run and Jr. Home Run Derby

Updated Monday April 17, 2017 by SLYB.

On April 30th, 2017, South Lexington Youth Baseball will host its 2nd Annual MLB Pitch, Hit, & Run Competition.  Last year we held Lexington's first ever league-ran MLB event and this year we are taking it a step further - this year, SLYB will also be hosting the MLB Jr. Home Run Derby !!!
It will be held the the same day as our MLB Pitch, Hit, & Run challenge. Be a part of the fun and sign up during the next two Saturdays at the park! See if you can earn a spot in the next round and possibly end up on a major league field !!!

Only SLYB players, ages 7-13 (age as of 7/17/2017) will have an opportunity to show off their baseball skills in this unique event designed by the MLB pros !!!
In the end, a player from our league could end up competing at the MLB All Star game !!!

If your are a player for this Spring season at SLYB and are interested in participating in this competition, please visit our registration desk by the old concession stand at the park. This event is free to any league participant who falls in the age guidelines. 

Free registration dates will be April 22nd (Sat.), 23rd (Sun.) and 29th (Sat.) from 1-3pm. Registration will be ONLY these days, and not on the day of the event - so make sure to stop by the table and not be left out of this exciting event ...

For additional info, please email us at