SLYB Capital Campaign


Updated Tuesday April 11, 2017 by SLYB.


At South Lexington Youth Baseball, we take great pride in our family atmosphere and second to none baseball tradition. We are fortunate enough to reach & support 800+ kids a year and give youth in Lexington a great place to play baseball. We have excellent volunteers and sponsors who work on and/or pay for equipment, field maintenance, insurance, monthly expenses, uniforms, trophies, machinery, scholarships, storage, etc. Without our countless sponsors and volunteers, we could not function as a league or uphold our reputation.

However, there are improvements that need to be made in the near future to ensure our players and families continue to be a part of fantastic facilities! The board has approved such improvements, but being a non-profit organization makes it difficult to have the capital necessary to pull off such complex construction. These are upgrades that need permits, designs, meetings, involve several contractors, and become very pricey if you want it to be done correctly. For this to be done efficiently, the money has to be available so the process can begin.

If you would like to contact us, please email:

Also, we can provide any tax information for our 501(c) upon request, as your donation will be tax deductible. Thanks ahead of time!

Below, we have highlighted some key additions/renovations the board has discussed and would love to make to the park.

- The Peel Field (Field 1) backstop plan would be to have a brick or stone wall as the bottom half of the backstop with nets going up. Talk about giving the kids a once in a lifetime experience every time they took the field!  Awesome!

- One of the scorekeeper booths is over 50 years old and needs immediate remodeling and a booth added to the top. This will enable a much more pleasurable situation for our fans, players, volunteers, and workers. Air conditioning and a bird's eye view would add so much to an already beautiful park. Space has become a growing issue for our league and remodeling will add a board room, team lockers, umpire area, and concession/equipment storage. 

- Also, on the agenda is to move the fences back to accommodate our ever growing game. This will make the outfield bigger and give our kids an opportunity to show off their talents while improving as players. It will help prepare them for the next level, where the fields extend to a much greater distance. Not to mention a larger field will add to the strategy of the game and make it more like "The Big Leagues." 

- The fences being raised in left or right field are also in the preliminary plans. Giving an already traditional league a "Green/Red Monster" to call their own will add even more excitement to the kiddos' experiences while playing at SLYB. This wall could also be a place for the league to highlight successful teams and players who have come through SLYB. Another way to improve the overall atmosphere and highlight our SLYB Alumni.

- There has also been talk of a wall ball being built in the grass area between fields 1 & 2. This will increase the already great family environment and help ensure the safety of everyone involved. It would be something all people at the park could enjoy and every kid could participate in. 

As President of South Lexington Youth Baseball, I am asking our SL Family and others who love giving back to the community to come together and help now. I am asking you all to spread the word and contact your connections for the good of the league. Share this link and let people know this will be benefitting hundreds of baseball families and their children. Let's give this park a makeover! 

Any amount (big or small) will go straight into the South Lexington Capital Project Fund. It will be used "only" for improving the park facilities and field of play. 

Thanks so much to everyone who can contribute. We will be reaching out to many companies personally and asking for support. This is just the beginning and will hopefully give us a starting point on improving an already great league.

Let's do this! I'm excited to see our community rally around this league and its families! #SLPride

Kevin Payne, SLYB President